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Victims and Survivors Service Funding

VSS logoNew Life Counselling can provide funded counselling sessions through Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) if the any of the following circumstances apply to you.     

The VSS provides support and assistance to those identified in the Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.* 

This means that we can provide support to the following individuals:

  • Those who have been injured as a result of a conflict-related incident (physically or psychologically);

  • Those who care for loved ones who have been injured in this way; and

  • Those who have been bereaved as a result of a conflict-related incident.

If you wish to access funded counselling through this service please fill in the Get Counselling form and indicate you wish to avail of VSS funded sessions.

An Evening Supporting New Life Counselling: Come See 'Animal Farm' presented by Bangor Drama Club

Come enjoy Bangor Drama Club's presentation of Animal Farm, based on the renown book by George Orwell. Directed by Michael Levers, with a cast of over 30, this presentation is guaranteed to be heaps of fun!


As this is the Club's Charity Night the ticket price will be donated to New Life Counselling, a charity providing counselling and therapeutic services for people of all ages and stages.

Join us on Monday 7th September at 8:00pm to enjoy this exciting event!

Refreshments will be available during the interval and will be included in your ticket price.

Click here to buy tickets online!

New Life Counselling

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